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 Foreign Diplomacy Area

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PostSubject: Foreign Diplomacy Area   Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:27 pm

This area is for any ingame Diplomatic issues whether it be NAP discussion or anything else. This forum is open to Nonregistered people for the sole purpose that other alliances can come to discuss issues with us. A couple things we ask for any non Fearmerc member to do when posting here. First introduce yourself and any info we may need to consider your post. Be clear on what you are asking. For Example NAP with you or your entire Alliance. Be respectful in the post. Remember we admins have a delete button. Twisted Evil This area is not for flaming but to resolve Diplomatic issues.

If you can't stand behind our troops feel free to get in front of them.
Just because nobody understands you does not mean you are an artist.
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Foreign Diplomacy Area
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